Telihaty High School

তেলিহাটি উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়

Telihaty, Sreepur, Gazipur

EIIN NO: 109354, MPO Code: 2705031302, School Code: 2127,Established: 1968

Headmaster's Message

The globalization is a great challenge for us. It is an urgent necessary to establish a right, age Congruent and Standard accomplished, Spontaneous education system. From the very beginning, the institution is providing such Standard and up to date education. Our aim is to educate the Students in their fullest sense and provide them a better condition to develop their potentiality.

Juxtapose the formal education, the school is playing a vital role on characterization, Punctuality, self- reliant, patriotism and make them to be worthy and ideal citizen. We are trying our best to teach them on ethical views, morality and modesty so that they can set their throne on the highest pick in this competitive world by being enlightened through real education. Already many former students have proved this by establishing them to the highest position of many govt. sectors. To attain our goal, I shell congratulate all the Valuable, formative instruction and counseling of all educationists, writers, social reformers and after all the conscious people of all walks of life.